Here is the German TV advertising of Coca Cola Zero

November 8, 2007

Result about my report

November 8, 2007

The goal of this survey was to discover consumption habits for Coca Cola products and the consumer’s point of view about Coca Cola Zero. Fifty nine persons answered to the survey. The main part of them  are between twenty and twenty three years old and are students. It is interesting to have their opinion because the target of Coca Cola Zero is young people (even if the target is mainly men).


The goals of the survey were :

         to define consumption habits for Coca Cola products.

         to define Coca Cola recognition and image.

         to discover the sensitivity to price of the consumer with Coca Cola products.

         to discover consumption habits for Coca Cola Zero and the consumers’ point of view.

 Findings :

         A very important part of the persons (86,4 %) consumes Coca Cola drinks : Coca Cola is entered in habits.

         The most consummate Coca Cola product stays the classic Coca Cola (65,4 %) despite the variety of new Coca Cola drinks. Coca Cola light is the second (13,5 %). At the consumption level, people drink Coca Cola products often (37,7 %) or occasionally (30,2 %).

         When consumers think about Coca Cola, the three main words which come to their mind are red, fresh and bubbles. It is exactly the advertising strategy of Coca Cola.

         At the price level, 61,1 % of consumers think Coca Cola products have the same price than competitors products whereas Coca Cola products are more expensive (only 35,2 % think it is more expensive). 62,3 % of the consumers are not ready to pay more for Coca Cola products than for supermarket own brands : this shows the danger of these cheapier brands.

         56,6 % of the persons have ever drunk Coca Cola Zero which shows that Coca Cola Zero succeeded in launching this new product. But the issue is that 76,3 % of the persons who have ever drink Coca Cola Zero do not find it has the same taste than the classic Coca Cola whereas it was one of the main argument of the advertising campaign.


Coca Cola products are very well introduced in the consumers’ everyday life.

The launching of Coca Cola Zero has been a success because one person in two has ever tasted it. But the fact that consumers find it has not the same taste is a failure and it could be a point to start work again.

Some Images of Pepsi products

October 20, 2007



October 19, 2007


Now, I will speak about Pepsi. I find it is interesting to compare Coca Cola with Pepsi. (Source :Wikipedia) In 1893, Caleb D. Bradham, a pharmacist in the North Carolina plagiarized the Coca-Cola formula, which it called « Brad’s Drink » and sold it in his pharmacy. In 1898, the « Brad’s Drink » became « Pepsi-Cola ». Caleb D. Bradham patented the brand in 1902. In 1923, the brand is in bankruptcy because of the increase of sugar prices during the First World War. In 1931, the brand has been bought by a sugar company. Between 1936 and 1938, its benefits doubled. In 1940, Pepsi launched the first radio ad campaign with a famous slogan « Twice as much for a nickel ». In 1964, Pepsi launched the first diet cola : Pepsi diet. In 1975, Pepsi launced the first plastic bottle. In 1984, Pepsi launched the first sponsorship with a singer : Mickael Jackson. In 1994, Pepsi Max arrived in France. In 2003, Pepsi launched the first blue Cola. In 2006, Indra Nooyi became the CEO’s of the company (at this moment, Pepsi is the third food-processing worldwide company, best than Coca Cola company). In 2007, Pepsi relaunched Diet Pepsi but for women, with a pink packaging.  

 Here is all the Pepsi products :

Crystal PepsiPepsi

DietPepsi A-ha : Lemon Pepsi sold in India

Pepsi AM : it is a classic Pepsi with more caffeine for the morning

Pepsi BluePepsi Carnaval : a fruity Pepsi sold in Japan

Pepsi Fire : Pepsi with cinnamon sold in some Asian countries

Pepsi Free : without caffeine

Pepsi Gold : Golden Pepsi sold in limited edition for the Football Cup

WorldPepsi Light 

Holiday Spice : an other limited edition of Pepsi

Pepsi Ice : sold in Asia

Pepsi Lime

Pepsi Max

Pepsi Max Cool Lemon

Pepsi Max Cinnamon : 2005 Christmas limited edition with cinnamon 

Pepsi Max Cino : Diet Pepsi with coffee sold in such countries

Pepsi NEX : Diet Pepsi sold in Japan

Pepsi Raging Raspberry

Pepsi Razzleberry

Pepsi Red : sold in Japan

Pepsi Samba

Pepsi Strawberry


Tropical ChillPepsi

Wild Cherry

Pepsi Vanilla

Pepsi Ice Cream : sold in Russia

Pepsi X : a red Pepsi with more caffeine

Pepsi Jazz : Diet Pepsi with caramel

We can see that Pepsi is an important concurrent of Coca Cola. Pepsi is often in advance on Coca Cola. Pepsi proposed a lot of Pepsi sorts.

Here is some examples of marketing actions of Pepsi.

In 1975,  PepsiCo presented a campaign called « the Pepsi challenge ». During this challenge, some « blind » persons tested Pepsi and Coca Cola samples. The main part of participants prefered Pepsi ones.

In 2006, Pepsi launched an ad campaign during which you have to put ON your earphones to listen it.Coca Cola is the official sponsorship of the 2006 Football World Cup. To compete with Coca Cola, PepsiCo launched the « non-official » football campaign. In the same time, PepsiCo launched the Golden Pepsi.  

 With this article, I realize PepiCo is an important company with a lot of Pepsi sorts. I love their ad campaigns. The more surprising is that people often prefer Pepsi taste but buy Coca Cola products.


October 15, 2007

I create a survey about Coca Cola, if you can answer, thanks a lot !!

Coca Cola Advertising

October 12, 2007

I will now speak about the history of Coca Cola advertising. 

This the list of Coca Cola slogans : 

·       1886 : Drink Coca-Cola

 ·       1904 : Delicious and refreshing

 ·       1905 : Coca-Cola revives and sustains 

 ·       1906 : Great National Temperence Beverage

 ·       1908 : Good To The Last Drop 

 ·       1917 : Three Million a Day

  ·       1920 : Drink Coca-Cola With Soda, The hit That Saves The Day 

 After the first World War, during which there were some restrictions, companies had to give to consumers the wish to consume. The slogans during the years between the two World War are more optimistic, which reflet the state of mind of these years. 

·       1922 : Thirst Knows no season

·       1923 : Refresh Yourself, There’s Nothing Like It When You’re Thirsty

  ·       1924 : Pause and Refresh Yourself 

 ·       1925 : Six million a day

  ·       1926 : Stop At The Red Sign

·       1927 : Around the corner from everywhere

·       1928 : A Pure Drink Of Natural Flavors

 ·       1929 : The pause that refreshes

·       1930 : Meet Me At The Soda Fountain

 ·       1932 : Ice cold sunshine

 ·       1932 : The Drink That Makes Pause Refreshing

·       1934 : When It’s Hard To Get Started, Start With A Coca-Cola

 ·       1935 : All Trails Lead To Ice-Cold Coca-Cola

·       1936 : Get The Feel Of Wholesome Refreshment

·       1937 : Stop For A Pause…Go Refreshed

 ·       1938 : The best friend thirst ever had

·       1938 : Anytime Is The Right Time To Pause and Refresh, Pure As Sunlight

 ·       1939 : Thirst Stops Here. Makes Travel More Pleasant  

The second World War leads a redefinition of the product, Coca Cola becomes a member of the family that we welcome after some difficult years. 

·       1940 : The Package That Gets A Welcome At Home

·       1941 : A Stop That Belongs On Your Daily Timetable

·       1942 : The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself. It’s the real thing

 ·       1942 : Wherever you are, whatever you do, whereever you may be, when you think of refreshment, think of ice-cold Coca-Cola

·       1943 : A Taste All It’s Own

 ·       1944 : High Sign Of Friendship

 ·       1945 : Coke Means Coca-Cola 

·       1947 : Relax With The Pause That Refreshes

·       1948 : Where there is Coke there is hospitality  

After the two World War, Coca Cola becomes such a civic act. 

·       1949 : Along The Highway To Anywhere

·       1950 : Help Yourself To Refreshment 

 ·       1951 : Good Food And Coca-Cola Just Naturally Go Together 

·       1952 : Coke Follows Thirst Everythere

·       1953 : Dependable As Sunshine

·       1954 : For People On The Go

·       1955 : Americans Prefer Taste

·       1956 : Feel The Différence, Makes Good Things Taste Better

 ·       1957 : Sign of good taste 

·       1958 : Refreshment The Whole World Prefers

·       1959 : Relax Refreshed With Ice-Cold Coca-Cola

·       1959 : Make It The Real Meal 

 ·       1960 : Relax With A Coke, Revive With A Coke

·       1961 : Coke And Food

·       1962 : Enjoy That Refreshing New Feeling

·       1963 : Things go better with Coke

·       1964 : You’ll Go Better Refreshed Then, it is a come back of the American dream.

 ·       1965 : Something More Than A Soft Drink

 ·       1966 : Coke…After Coke…After Coke

·       1970 : It’s the real thing

·       1971 : I’d like to buy the world a Coke

·       1975 : Look up America

 ·       1976 : Coke adds life

·       1979 : Have a Coke and a smile

·       1982 : Coke is it !

·       1985 : We’ve got a Taste for You ; America’s Real Choice world a Coke  

From 1985, and the failure of its « New Coke », Coca Cola comes back to the first form of the product and focuses on the fact Coca Cola is 100 years old. 

·       1986 : Catch the wave (Coca-Cola) Red White & You (Classic Coca Cola)

·       1987 : Can’t Beat the Feeling

·       1988 : Can’t beat the Real Thing

·       1993 : Always Coca-Cola

·       2000 : Enjoy Coca-Cola

·       2001 : Life tastes good

·       2003 : Coca-Cola Real

·       2005 : Coke Light, Have a great break

·       2006 : Taste the Coke side of life

 ·       2006 : Great taste, Zero sugar

·       2007 : Make every drop count

Advertising plays an important role in Coca Cola development. The company has forever been a precursory. For example, in the United States, Coca Cola is present everywhere, and especially, in schools.In schools, you can find Coca Cola advertising on drinks machine of course, but in school newspapers too or on the school channel TV. There has ever been an ad in a math book but there has been a lot of polemics. In some schools, there is a « Coke Day ».Every school which accepts these ads receives subsidies.On the other hand, Coca Cola is commited in the fight against obesity by proposing light drinks or informing consumers about the composition of the product. The European Comunity puts Coca Cola forward for its commitments about health.The launching of Cola Cola Zero ensures the continuity. It has been very important and very worked. And in the same time, they still take care with the obesity by proposing a light drink.There is no denying that, at the marketing level, Coca Cola Zero is one of the best company worldwide.

Advertising strategy of Coca Cola Zero

October 5, 2007


After you can see the video and paper advertising campaign of Coca Cola Zero, I will now explain to you the strategy of the company Coca Cola around its new product.

The target of the Coca Cola Zero is the 16-24 years young men. It is the ” masculine ” Coca Cola Light launched by Coca Cola 18 years ago. The positioning of the brand is the young men who take care of their bodies and themselves but who do not want to

 deprive themselves of pleasure. The concept of Coca Cola Zero is the taste of Coca Cola but with no sugar or calories.

The launching of Coca Cola Zero has been very important. Here is a picture of a Coca Cola Zero display unit.

In France, Coca Cola Zero was officially launched on the 10th of January 2007. The launching night took place in a luxury place in Paris : the Living-Room ; Playstation was the partner of the night. Some famous people were present : Cyril, the last winner of Star Academy , Miss Dominique, finalist de la Nouvelle Star, the rugby player Christophe Dominici… (source : ).

One of the main issue Coca Cola Zero has to face is the fact that men have some complex to drink a LIGHT drink.  If the market of soft drinks is increasing (a 46% increase between 2002 and 2006), the main part of the clients are women.  Men think a “zero calorie” drink is for women and not for them. It is the reason why they insist on the fact that the taste of Coca Cola Zero is the same than the one of Coca.